Where addons center

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How to install the Addons.Center addon?

We are still working on better instructions. See our Get Started guide.

What does Addons.Center do?

From a technical perspective Addons.Center is simply a client side visual representation of free available information from third parties. Bored already? Okey, here are few ringing soundbytes and -bits.

  • Install and update Kodi addons easily
  • Get notified of available addon updates for your device
  • Thousands of addons available without installing repositories
  • Discover new addons using extensive filtering
  • Sync installed addons between multiple devices
  • Get help from the community picking trusted suppliers

What can I expect from the public testing phase?

You should be able to manage your Kodi addons without any issues. Our test setup is limited though and we simply are unable to simulate every situation. Please consult us if you experience any issues using the website or related services. Mail us at [email protected]

Why doesn’t Addons.Center manage my addons full auto?

The update provider requires manual unlock of pending updates in order to prevent destructive mistakes. Although we have not received any reports of issues, Addons.Center believes this protection is mandatory for a healthy addon eco system.

From which supplier do the dependencies of selected addons come from?

Dependencies are installed from the same supplier as the addon depending on them or from one of the suppliers you already have addons from.

How can I re-pair my device?

Start the usual procedure for pairing a device. In the pairing wizard you can select a collection of addons the device should have installed. Select the existing collection of the ‘former device’. Once the device is paired, delete the former device.