Manage Kodi addons using Addons.Center

Where addons center

Step 1: Install Addons.Center Sync

Addons.Center Sync is a small addon which features synchronization between your Kodi and Addons.Center. Instructions how to install an addon using a zip-file can be found at the official Kodi website

If you have not enabled Unknown Sources in Kodi, you will notified that it is disabled. Select Settings and enabled Unknown sources.

Step 2: Pair the device

Once the addon is installed, it will prompt you to enter a code at the pairing page of Addons.Center. There you can also choose a name for your device.

If you want to synchronize the addons of multiple Kodi installations, choose an existing collection when adding the 2nd, 3rd etc.

Step 3: Select which addons to manage

After the initial sync Addons.Center won’t change any addon you have installed, as it does not know your favorite suppliers. Select your favorite suppliers for those addons you want to manage using Addons.Center at your profile page

Step 4 (optional): Limit connections allowed to sync

Whitelists add an additional layer of security for synchronization. A device can only synchronize to Addons.Center when it uses an allowed IP. The IP used while pairing Kodi with Addons.Center is automatically added to the whitelist.

Synchronization from Addons.Center to your device is not affected by the whitelist. You will keep receiving updates even when the IP used by Kodi is not in the whitelist.

Final step: Manage addons using Addons.Center

Now you manage your addons using Addons.Center. Please never forget that synchronization will only happen after you have you explicitly allowed to do so.