Kodi Addon Management

using your pc, tablet or mobile phone


Addons.Center offers you a whole new experience of exploring and managing Kodi addons. We combine the advantages of popular ‘super repositories’ with the power of self control. Putting you back at the center of your own multimedia system.

Discover new Addons

Addons.Center enables you to explore thousands of addons faster than you have ever seen before. This saves you time finding those addons you will love.

Just like some other website you might know; but much faster.

Manage addons and get notified

We understand you don’t want to be bothered with managing installed addons and repositories. That’s why we focus on making it as easy and reliable as possible. Addons.Center allows you to install, uninstall, update, and downgrade addons using a wide range of devices. You can switch seemless between repositories. We bring you the the benefits of ‘super repositories’ without the disadvantage of loosing control.

Focus on security

We take security very serious. On your personal Security page you can manage which connections are allowed to synchronize; bringing a whole new level of security to the world of Kodi addons.

Use only the best suppliers

Some addons appear in multiple repositories with different versions. Unintentional due lack of maintenance or due competing developers with ill intentions. Whatever the reason might be; it leaves you wondering which supplier can be trusted and which version to pick.

The popularity as displayed by Addons.Center gives you a good impression of the preference and trust of the community. We measure the popularity of addons on reliable factors and will keep improving the formulas to offer you the best suggestions.

Favorites, smart collections and sync management

Collections allow you to organize your favorite addons, share them with others and keep the addon setup of multiple devices synchonized.